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    Top Google Premier Partner 2023 Ireland.
    Rated Best Advertising Company in Galway.

    The Performance Marketing Agency.

    We are a team of Data-Driven Digital Marketing Experts, that specialise in E-commerce marketing & Lead generation marketing with over 15 years experience. We scale businesses online using machine learning and behavioural science. We can quickly help you acquire more traffic sales & revenue. We can be the performance marketing arm of your business working hand in hand with business owners, marketing managers & in-house marketing teams to achieve amazing results together. 

    We are a Google Ads Agency that have been awarded Premier Partner Status, which Puts us in the Top 3% of Google ads Agencies. This is the highest Honour Google can award an Agency. This means our clients are getting fantastic results and our team is highly experienced in all things Google ads!

    Our Services.

    We drive highly targeted traffic to our client’s websites, through Paid search, YouTube and Display advertising. We also carry out various audits of current PPC accounts and help companies to get the most out of their budgets. We measure each and every click to your site, with precision detail. Have a look through our services or contact us to find out how we can help you.

    We are revolutionising digital marketing space in Ireland.

    With a focus on the entire consumer funnel, and not just on the top, our time-tested digital marketing solutions help your brand gain loyal customers who come back for more.

    Our growth marketing solutions deliver constant growth for our clients in the pursuit of a higher top line and Customer Lifetime Value. This makes us one of the best digital growth marketing agencies in the country. As a growth-oriented digital marketing company in Galway, Ireland, we have constantly pushed our capabilities to create a benchmark for digital marketing solutions.

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    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and
    believe in the power of simple and easy communication.

    Ecommerce Marketing Services

    Searching for a Shopify, WordPress, PPC, or social marketing expert? We’ve got you covered. Running paid ads on Google or social media platforms is not simply about getting reach and impression, but it can translate to greater return on ad spend.

    At Placeholder Digital, we help our clients to advertise through the right digital platforms with the right content to meet their business objectives.


    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and
    believe in the power of simple and easy communication

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    You’ve just found an agency like no other.

    We work hard every single day to grow as individuals and your business.

    We work round the clock to be able to stay relevant and compete in any industry, your business need to have an online presence that ensures they are top of mind when prospective customers are searching for the services and products you offer. Adhere digital will acts as an extension of your digital marketing team, delivering measurable results through a full range of digital marketing solutions.

    Trusted Partners.

    We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and
    believe in the power of simple and easy communication

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