Top 3% of Google Partners
in Ireland.

With our specialisation in Google Ads management, Adhere Digital is proud to win this prestigious distinction from Google.

This award highlights the high calibre of the work we provide for our clients and is based on our successful work performance, customer growth, and team certifications. It also shows the high level of our expertise with Google Ads products as well. 

What does Google Partner
refer to?

The best Google Advertising Agency receives this honour. Requirements such as client growth, client retention, product diversification, or annual ad spending on campaigns must be met in order to be included in the top 3% of partners. These strict criteria ensure quality and reliability of our work and prove that we deliver the best performance and ROI (return on investment) for our clients. 

The client and campaign effectiveness is the leitmotif of Adhere Digital. Success in our work also involves data analysis, KPI’s and other metrics can be used to describe everything we have accomplished. For us, data must be central to take the right decisions at the right time.

What advantages do our
clients get?

Being a Google Partner Premier means more than winning a prize. This award allows us to benefit from additional Google Ads services that we can use for your campaigns. 

Additional Services offered by Google Ads include:
  • Advanced Marketing training,

  • Access to business strategy consulting,

  • Dedicated account support and management, 

  • Advanced Vertical and sector insights directly from Google.

Some of these tools are available as a preview for Google Premier Partners; allowing us to use them all for our clients and still be competitive on the Google Ads strategy before other companies. Our team will be delighted to work with you if you are interested in learning more about our Google Ads agency strategy.

Questions time

SEO and Google Ads work well together. To get better results, you must use both. 

Yes, you can run a Google Ads campaign by yourself. However, the benefits of working with our firm lie in having access to all of our knowledge, experience, and ability to create the ideal campaign for you.  Using a Google Ads agency like Adhere Digital for your initial campaigns means saving time, professional analysis and immediate results.

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