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Adhere Digital Google ad grants

What are Google Ad Grants and who can avail of them?

Google Ad Grants is a grant that Google issues worth up to $10,000.00 per month to spend on Google ads. It was introduced back in 2003 and if you were one of the charities lucky enough to avail of Google Ad Grant before to 2016 you would have received up to a whopping $40,000, per month to spend on ads. However, this has been closed since and is unlikely to return. In the future, the same may happen to the $10,000.00 per month spent, so we always try to encourage people to apply for it.

Who can avail of the Google Ad Grant?

So long as you are a registered Irish charity or nonprofit organisation and hold relevant charity status within your own country you can then apply for what’s called a TechSoup number. Yes, you read that correctly, TechSoup. You just need to select your country and go to the TechSoup Registration Page. Once you have applied for your TechSoup number it’s always better to get a google ads agency to help with the setting up of this account unless you have done it previously. You should ensure that it is properly set up from the beginning.

Benefits of Google Ad Grants

The main benefit of the Google Ad Grants, is that it allows you to get more traffic to your site and hopefully more donations to your website. There are other benefits, like promoting fundraising events, increasing brand awareness about the charity, or simply trying to get more people to get in touch with you.

Other things to know

Google Ad Grants do have some criteria that are important to know. There are limitations to what you can do in your account and your account needs to be kept fairly clean and up to date. In terms of limitations, you have a maxim of a $2.00 bid. This has changed slightly since 2018. You can not go over a dollar bid if you have set up conversion tracking. A conversion could be a donation, phone call, contact form, etc. Google will allow you to bid more than the $2.00 limit per click which is more likely going to lead to a conversion. Google is rewarding charities that are trying to go after quality as opposed to quantity.

Setup Recap

– Setup Conversion tracking using Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
– Only bid on keywords that are genuinely relevant to your charity
– Make sure Adcopy is kept updated and also relevant to the keyword search

Avoid account suspension

– Keep your CTR above the 5% CTR Threshold
– Make sure you are targeting the relevant location
– Minimum 2 Ads per ad group
– Must have 2 site link ad extensions

Google update their policies on this quite regularly  so do keep an eye on Google ad grant Policy page. If you are looking for any help with this please do get in contact with a member of the team and we will get a call scheduled. We offer full and partial management packages for Irish charities who are looking to use this to their advantage.

If you want to know more about this or how we can help, please contact us at or via our contact page.