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Adhere Digital Ltd is a Google Premier Partner. Adhere Digital Ltd is among one of the top companies in its country and has met all of the Partner requirements set by Google.

They have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally we feel they taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team.
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Shopping Ads are a highly effective way for retailers to promote their online and local inventory, boost traffic to their website or local store, and reach potential customers across multiple Google channels. Unlike traditional text-based ads, Shopping Ads show users your products with a photo, price, title, and store name information directly in the search results. This gives users a clear perception of the product you are offering before they click the ad. These ads appear at the top of Google search pages, giving your products maximum visibility to potential customers who are actively searching for your offer and intend to buy.

There are two types of Shopping Ads, Standard Shopping campaigns and Performance Max campaigns. Standard Shopping campaigns access selected Google Ads formats and channels such as Google Search, Images, and Maps. Performance Max campaigns offer advanced features and optimizations compared to Standard Shopping campaigns. It also supports a wide range of Google Ads formats and channels. Performance Max features enable Maximize Conversion value and Maximize Conversions, to optimize performance based on your specified goals.

Performance Max Campaigns Benefits:

Performance Max campaigns offer the potential to obtain better-qualified leads by providing users with detailed information directly within the ad, which enhances their ability to make informed purchase decisions. It results in higher conversion rates since customers obtain essential information before clicking on the ad. Pmax campaigns allow advertisers to reach the right audience across all six channels of Google (Google Search, Discover, Maps, Gmail, Display Network, and YouTube).

Through Pmax campaigns, we have access to a wider range of Google Ads formats such as Display Ads, Text Ads, and YouTube Ads. Besides, new AI features were included to help steer the campaign toward your audience. 

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