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They have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally we feel they taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team.
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After more than 10 years of creation, Instagram is today one of the leaders of social media. Small or big brands/companies if you have a business, you must participate in this media and have an account.

Like all the other media, you have to create some content and be present; without it, you will never reach your audience. 

Initially, Instagram was a social media specialising in photo content, but over time, Instagram has diversified its content. You now have 3 types of content: posts, stories or reels. With redirect links and presentations of your different products or services, Instagram can become your catalogue. In 2021, stories generated 24.6% of Instagram’s ad revenue (eMarketer).

Key figures in 2022: 

In the world

  • 2 billion active users each month,
  • 70% of users are aged under 34 years old,
  • 3rd most popular social media,
  • 51 min average time spent on Instagram,
  • Instagram ads reach 1 third of internet users on the planet (1.28 billion users).

In Ireland in 2022: 

  • 2.40 million users,
  • 48% ad reach on total population,
  • +14,3% ad reach quarter-on-quarter change,
  • 48,5% ad reach on total internet users,
  • 57.3% of Instagram’s ad audience was female, 
  • 42.9% were male.

Instagram Ad formats:

Images, videos and reels are native content but you can all promote ypur posts by boosting your content.
Like a post, this ad format appeared on the feed. That single image could be in square, landscape or vertical format. If you want you can also add a tag on your image if it’s about your product, so that viewers can buy them directly.

Like a video post, this ad format will be on the feed. Your video can appear in square or landscape format and it can take up to 1 min.

You can only use a full-screen vertical asset for Reels ads which could be up to 90 seconds. On Instagram, you have one section just for reel content.

Appear in square or vertical format on feed and stories. You can put up to 10 photos or videos on one post. You can use this format as a catalogue for your products as the content rotates. With this, you can display different variations of your products or show different angles / views / features of them.


With this format, you can use a cover photo or video followed by three product images. You also have the opportunity to shop now, and you then have a catalogue of products. In this format, you can see images in a single layout.


Photos, videos or visual design can be used for stories. With text directly on it, or gif/stickers or music; you can customise your content. 5 seconds maximum for photo content and up to 120 seconds for video. You can create a carousel of 3 cards and expand it with 10 cards if viewers press “keep watching”.

Shopping session: 

You have a special area for shopping content. In this place, people only go to see the shop’s content. The content appears in square format, you can click on it and have the full format of the visual or have a carousel.

Explore feed section: 

In the area of searching and exploring more content, you will also find square format ads. On the main page and also if you explore content.

For each type of format, you can make a call to action based on your goal. (subscribe, sign in, shop now, see more, or learn more).


The Adhere Digital team supports you in all aspects of your advertising strategy. The team is also specialised in data analysis, so we will provide you with complete reports to measure your performance.

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