Project Details




The Client

GamerStore is Ireland’s leading supplier of gaming equipment and accessories. It’s also the Home of the Legion Esports Series, which is an online gaming community.


The Challenge

Stuart, Rob & Paul and their team were doing a good job in-house but felt their sales could be improved. They had plenty of in-house experience in terms of Design and Development work, but when it came to the search engine marketing, both from an SEO & PPC point of view they knew they could be doing much better. Their aim was to be visible on Google as users were actively searching (in market) to buy a product.


The Solution

Adhere Digital offered a two pronged attack to ensure they dominated the Google search engine results page when people were searching for their products and accessories.

Part 1

was Technical SEO Audit. This helped outline any areas of weakness in the website from an SEO point of view. For example, we were able to identify any product page titles, meta titles and descriptions optimised fully to fall in line with Googles latest best practices.

Part 2

The second part was offering an Advanced Google Ads strategy, which was a combination of Paid Search ads, that were combing keyword and in-market audience segments withing the gaming community. We then setup very advanced Google Standard shopping campaigns and Google smart shopping campaigns.

The Results

GamerStore’s traffic from both organic and paid traffic increased over +5000% YoY, Sales inturn increased +5,600% while increasing there over onsite conversion rate +26%



Stuart Dempsey Adhere digital review

“Paul and the team at Adhere Digital have really helped us maximise our return on digital advertising. We were doing a reasonable job in-house, but our campaigns are performing much better now that we have to Adhere to managing the process for us.”

Stuart Dempsey

CEO - GamerStore