Project Details

Global Heart Hub



The Client

Global Heart Hub is the first global non-profit organisation established to provide a voice for those affected by cardiovascular disease. As an alliance of heart patient organisations, Global Heart Hub aims to create a unified global voice for individuals living with or affected by heart disease. Their mission is to raise awareness, improve patient outcomes, enhance the quality of life, and promote longevity and healthy ageing for heart disease patients worldwide.


The Challenge

Global Heart Hub faced significant challenges in optimising their Google Ads campaigns. They found it difficult to use the available resources on Google Ads to achieve the desired campaign performance. Their primary objective was to maximise the usage of their Google Ads Grant  to drive as much traffic as possible to their website. By doing so, they aimed to raise awareness about heart disease, improve patient outcomes, and promote healthy ageing on a global scale.

The Solution

Adhere Digital developed a comprehensive strategy to address Global Heart Hub’s challenges and meet their objectives:

Multilingual Campaigns: Since the Global Heart Hub website is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German, we created tailored campaigns in each of these languages. The presence of Spanish and Portuguese speakers on our team allowed us to effectively target these language groups, leading to higher performance in the Spanish and Portuguese campaigns.

Global Targeting: We targeted countries worldwide, with a particular focus on English, Portuguese, and Spanish-speaking regions. This approach ensured that the campaigns reached a broad audience, raising awareness about cardiovascular disease on a global scale.

Ongoing Optimisation: We continuously monitored and optimised the campaigns to maximise the performance of the Google Ads grant. This included adjusting targeting parameters, refining ad copy, and leveraging data analysis to drive better results.

Enhanced Communication: Adhere Digital maintained clear, open, and responsive communication throughout the collaboration. We provided regular updates on campaign performance, suggested actions and future steps, and promptly addressed any queries or issues raised by Global Heart Hub. We also kept the client informed about changes to Google’s policies or platform enhancements that could impact their campaigns.


The Results

Global Heart Hub’s Google Ads account achieved a remarkable YoY increase of 289% in clicks and a 69% boost in CTR. Monthly Google ads traffic going from just 1,200 clicks per month, to over 20,000 globally & consistently spending the full $10,000 dollar grant amount each month.

“We would be more than happy to recommend Adhere Digital agency service to other professionals. The primary reason is their team’s consistently strong results, commitment to proactive, transparent communication, personalised approach to supporting their clients, and their team’s collaborative spirit. They are a great partner for anyone who is trying to maximise the power of Google Ads because of their proven track record of driving results, exceptional communication, personalised approach, and collaborative mindset.”

Joanna Perkowska

Graphic and Website Design Lead - Global Heart Hub