Project Details

Irish Hospice Foundation



The Client

Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) is a national charity that addresses dying, death and bereavement in Ireland. 

Since 1986, IHF has expanded the availability of hospice services across the country, promoting awareness of the hospice approach and developing research and education. 

IHF has grown to develop programmes in education, research, and bereavement services. They are bringing hospice principles into acute hospitals and residential care settings and are working to extend palliative care to non-malignant conditions.  

They also promote discussion of a broad range of issues related to dying, death and bereavement to identify what matters most to Irish people at the end of life and how best to address their concerns.


The Challenge

Today, making good marketing strategies on google advertising is not easy, that’s why Adhere Digital wants to share its expertise with charities like IHF. All the topics covered by the Irish Hospice are essential and deserve to be seen, shared and known, as often as possible. 

In addition, the charities have received a grant from Google that they can spend on Google advertising. Sometimes people don’t know they can apply for this grant, nor do they know how to use it and make good marketing strategies on Google advertising. 

The Irish Hospice Foundation aims to help the Irish people on all issues related to death, bereavement, personal care, etc. To do this, they want to drive traffic to their website and thus increase donations

If you want to know more about the google ad grant for charities, we have an article about it.

The Solution

Adhere Digital helped Irish Hospice to implement an advanced Google ads strategy to make the right choice in terms of strategy and data analysis. 

The team is also working on its tracking via its Universal Analytics account. Adhere Digital has also enabled IHF to use its Google Ads grant to support its core initiative of creating an Ireland where those facing end of life or bereavement and those who care for them receive the care and support they need through education, research and bereavement services.

We’ve set up tracking of the various actions on the site, from PDF downloads to donations.

Adhere Digital also worked to promote a unique branch of the Irish Hospice Foundation called Rosabel’s Rooms through Google Ads. Rosabel’s Rooms is a child loss project born in Galway, now a national initiative, in partnership with us here at IHF, that reaches out to bereaved parents and families throughout Ireland.

To sum up, Adhere Digital has run over thirteen campaigns throughout the relationship, from campaigns in conjunction with special IHF events and calls to promote their support and services to recruitment efforts. 

The Results

Irish Hospice Foundation traffic increased over +27,3%, over 117,541 impressions, 16,541 clicks and has produced a click-through rate of 14.07%.

“Adhere Digital helped us set up and get the most out of our Google Ad Grants. In the past, we had trouble using Google Ads to reach the intended audience while staying within budget. Thanks to Adhere Digital’s strategy, we have been able to increase relevant traffic to our site, which has helped us ensure that people who need it have access to the best end-of-life and bereavement care.
Adhere answered all of our queries and included us in the strategy development process. Additionally, they offer monthly reporting on campaign metrics.
We would highly recommend Adhere Digital to any charities or fundraisers looking to optimise the spending of their Google Ad Grants.”


Head of Marketing & Communications - Irish Hospice Foundation