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Topline Heavins & Euronic




Topline Heavins & Euronics, a family hardware store based in Ireland, has a rich history dating back to 1984. Over the years, they expanded their operations from a small Hardware Store to a superstore with over 20 employees and an award-winning ecommerce website with over 7,000 products.

They offer a personalised experience that sets them apart from large retail chains. They take pride in their exceptional customer service and an extensive range of products and services, including Appliances, Paint and Decor Centre, Gardening, DIY, Tools, and much more. Their passion for what they do is evident in their videos on the Topline Heavins & Euronics YouTube Page, and they are committed to continuing their success into the future.


Before engaging with Adhere Digital, Heavins faced a common challenge associated with Google Ads accounts. While advertising costs were increasing, the results weren’t. Running ads on Google was becoming unprofitable for them, which was causing frustration.

They aimed to increase ROAS by 50% while maintaining the same revenue and spending the same amount as the previous year. Heavins needed a solution to optimise their campaigns, lower costs, and achieve their desired results.


Adhere Digital Implemented an Advanced Google Ads strategy through Pmax campaign and leveraged high impact scripts. To reach diverse customer demographics and interests, we segmented the Pmax campaign into distinct product categories with tailored audience signals. This segmentation utilised custom segments, first-party data, and detailed demographics, focusing on in-market audiences relevant to Heavins’ product offerings.

Adhere Digital consolidated the various shopping campaigns into one high-impact Pmax campaign. This unified approach allowed for a more efficient use of Google’s machine learning algorithm, enabling better control of ad spend and enhanced ROAS. We also set up conversion tracking, reporting, and performance analysis.


Heavins’ revenue has increased by 38% YoY, while reducing advertising spend by 15.13%. This resulted in a 60.25% increase in ROAS compared to the same period of the previous year.

The campaign’s exceptional performance earned it a ‘Highly Commended’ status at the Irish eCommerce Awards ‘eCommerce Search Campaign Of The Year’ category.

“Adhere Digital are extemely diligent in their work. Everything is achievable, no task is too large. The one to one experience Adhere Digital provide is crucial to any business. The ability to put insight to action is invaluable to our business.”

Benjamin Hade

Digital Marketing Executive - Topline Heavins & Euronics