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PPC For Small Businesses – Start Small, Start Testing, Start Scaling!

PPC, or Pay per click advertising as it also called is something you will have heard of a lot, but may not know much about it.  If you are a Business owner or Marketing manager it can be confusing where to even start. One thing is for sure though, as a marketing channel its not to be overlooked. PPC is now almost always, at the epicenter of all digital marketing plans today. If you are wondering why, Its simple, it just works and its highly measurable. You can start driving sales, leads, revenue in such a short period of time compared to traditional marketing and even other digital marketing channels. Over the years I’ve seen companies grow and scale purely off the back off PPC.

New data from Statistica 2020, revealed that digital advertising in Q4 2019 reveals that paid search spend grew 10% year-over-year. This does not include display activity.


he Sector that are seeing the highest spending is in the financial services and retail sectors, with a growth of 25% and 12% respectively.

Where do I start?

We have worked on hundreds of Google ads accounts over the years and this works for the vast majority of clients no matter what sector. Before starting its important for you know to know that within PPC, you can have so many various types of PPC or CPC (cost per click models). You have Paid search , where you focus on bidding on keywords to get found at the top of the Google SERP’s. You have Display Ads that are more image and video based as which are great at driving mass awareness or can be as targeted as users that have visited a certain product or service on your website , which is called Re-marketing. Then there is the Googles second beast of a platform that is YouTube Ads. YouTube ads can give you great scale for an affordable price. The typical cost per view (CPV) can range anywhere from €0.03 – € 0.10. YouTube, has traditionally been used for awareness, but new features have been introduced, which allows you to sell products directly from YouTube campaigns.

Like with any campaign, you need to establish your goals first. Is this awareness campaign? Direct sales or leads? it could be email sign ups etc. Once you know what you want, its important that ensure that you get specialists like us to setup tracking around any of your goals. Otherwise you wont be able to measure the effectiveness of your ads. Measurement is key. If you are not measuring you are not learning. If you are not learning you are wasting money. I do think that if you are new to PPC advertising, it is always always recommend going to trusted experts to help you with the process above.

Testing & Scaling

These go hand in hand. Your data will make the decisions for you. When it comes to Digital marketing a lot of people will have their own ideas, opinions and theories of what works. Thankfully these people are no longer required to waste your time and money. You see, the beauty of digital marketing is that data is your new best friend when it comes to making informed decisions and where you should be spending your marketing budgets to see the best return. In terms of best analytics platforms to use we would recommend Google analytics, as its free and probably one of the most robust Analytics platforms out there. This will give you a full understanding of the mechanics of your activity. Until you know whats working and whats not, you wont be able to scale your marketing efforts further.

To give you a better idea of scaling your efforts, below is one of our Newest clients and a prime example of how you cant scale until you have the data. This is the first time they ever tried PPC. We focused on Paid search, Display & Display remarketing. This is their performance over the last 3 months. This graph looks at Cost Vs Revenue delivered. You can see, when we started in the first month we were spending more than we were taking in. This period, we spent a lot of time testing various different, keywords, ad copy, bid strategies etc. This period is not about bringing in immediate return, its about learning what works well and understanding on how to leverage this to the continue maximising your return. Over time when you start to see patterns in your data you can start allocating more budgets into area that see the highest ROI.

Adhere Digital Client performance Graph

If you look at the revenue line, you can see the point at which stripped back wasted spend and injected more budget into best performing areas. This would not have been possible without those initial weeks of testing. As the saying goes “You have to spend money to make money right”. The same is true with PPC. However when you start to drive bigger and bigger returns, you can invest more of that money back into PPC. We are already looking to scale efforts again for this client. Will keep you posted.

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding of PPC and where to start for your business or company you work for. We understand that this can be confusing especially when three are so many acronyms, that may not mean a whole pile to you now. However we are committed to help small businesses grow and prosper, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to know more. A member of the Adhere Digital Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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