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They have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally we feel they taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team.
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Display Advertising also known as banner advertising plays a critical role in helping your brand awareness and is an important part of your overall PPC Strategy Not only is display advertising essential for brand awareness but also plays a big part in direct response campaigns. With over two million websites in the Google Display Network, there is a huge audience to target and choose from. Display Advertising is a much cheaper method of advertising to large numbers due to a reduced CPC compared to Paid Search. With Display, you can submit text, rich text images, or video adverts.

The first thing you need to know is what format you would like. You need to decide if it’s a Static ad (a banner ad popup that is just a nonmoving image) like the first example, or do you need something more eye-catching like an ad that has moving elements or Animation?

Pros and cons

With static ads you are limited with copy as we have to put everything onto one image. But these are easier and quicker to get up. They tend to work pretty good, but are limited.
With an animated ad, we can have more copy and they usually get better CTR because they are a bit more engaging.
Once You are happy with the format you, should now pick your sizes. Your display ad sizes are important, to ensure your ads fit on most websites and Devices. We have picked the best 5 display ad sizes below. These sizes consistently delivery good results and are very compatible. 

Display Ad sizes & Specifications

– 300X600
– 336X280
– 300X250
– 320X100
– 728X90

Other Specifications

  • Formats GIF, JPG, PNG* HTML5 allowed for Google Ads standard display formats
  • Max File Size 150KB
  • Attributes
  • Max Animation Time: 30 seconds (all animation, including loops, must stop at 30 seconds)
  • Audio: No sound
  • Border: Creatives with partially black or white backgrounds must have a visible border of a contrasting color.

For any help needed getting started with Display Advertising, just get in touch via our contact page