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They have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally we feel they taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team.
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Appearing on the top of page results is a fundamental way to increase traffic to your website. However, doing this organically through Search Engine Optimisation will take more time and patience before you start delivering results. Instead of ranking organically (below the ads on Google or Bing search engines) Paid search allows you to bid on the keywords and phrases that are most relevant to you and your business. Sometimes there can be hundreds if not thousands of searches each day for your product or service that your website is not showing for. If you are not on page 1 for these terms, the chances of getting a click to your website let alone sale becomes very low. The beauty of Paid search is that it allows you to deliver,top of page results quickly and you know the user searching for a product or service right now, is In market to purchase. These are very warm leads.

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Paid search has moved on in recent years and its much more than bidding on keywords. Google is slowly moving away from bidding on keywords and wants advertisers to switch to Googles predefined audiences that they have created over the years. For example their audiences cover a wide host of targeting. You can target Businesses with over 100 – 1000 employees or target an audience of people who are in-market to rent or buy a home. You can target People who are travel obsessed or people who are avid clothing buyers. These are however still quite broad. Its important these days to use a mixture of Keywords and overlay them with other data to make your Paid search deliver the best return possible.

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