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We are Google Premier Partner

Adhere Digital Ltd is a Google Premier Partner. Adhere Digital Ltd is among one of the top companies in its country and has met all of the Partner requirements set by Google.

They have helped us reach our targets, achieve a strong ROI each month and fundamentally we feel they taken a huge workload off our internal marketing team.
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YouTube has quickly become one of the world largest websites over the past decade. With over 6 billion hours of videos watched every month it makes advertising an essential component in increasing your brand awareness. Behind Google, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the internet. This provides a great opportunity for us to utilise this platform and grow your brand. 

YouTube advertising also known as True view works on the basis of placing a short skippable or non-skippable video before the users video. YouTube video advertising works on the basis that you only pay when someone watches your advert. YouTube can drive a huge volume of views and significantly increase your brand awareness at a reduced cost. Apart from having your videos being promoted, you can also combine your ads with Display Ads  and Overlays (Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video) to further  your ads engagement So for example. 

YouTube Ad Formats

YouTube Advertising – Maple Leaf Publishing

So in this example, you could have your Video ad running in Box 1. In the second box, you can see two Display Ads running. And in the last box, you can see the Overlay. In theory, you could run all aspects. In more recent times you can also now Include your products on YouTube ads, so people can buy your product directly from a YouTube Campaign, which we love!

YouTube Shopping

YouTube Shopping is a little more technical to set up and requires that you have a Google Merchant Center so that you can have your product feeds and Trueview accounts linked up. However, this is something we can help you set up and manage.

YouTube Targeting

The targeting options on YouTube are pretty robust. You can re-market to visitors on your site, target by a wide rage of demographics, like age, gender, income etc. You can also target people that are in market to purchase something. So these are pre-defined Google audiences, that will have people who have shown high intent to buy a House for example or go on a sun holiday. These are just 2 basic examples, the in market list is huge and getting bigger each day.

In short, YouTube advertising is a very powerful means of getting your brand right in front of your customers. So whether you have a service business or product business. YouTube ads are a great and cost effective way to reach your audience.

To find out more information about YouTube ads & how to get started, just get in touch via the contact form.