How To Design Relevant Landing Pages

How To Design Relevant Landing Pages

Relevant Landing Pages

Looking to improve your Landing Page Experience so your Google Ads show more frequently and at a lower Cost Per Click (CPC)? Perhaps you’d like to increase your organic ranking on Google from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint by making your business’ landing pages more relevant to your products/services? This guide will help you accomplish both of these goals while improving your page’s conversion rate. Learn how below! 

Design Your Landing Pages Around A Group Of Targeted Keywords

KeywordsWhen planning and writing your landing page, use 1-2 keywords as your landing page “topic.” Everything else written on your landing page should relate back to the keyword(s). For example, Adhere Digital previously wrote a blog about domain ranking. While there were three subsections of tips, they each related back to the main topic keyword. The keyword(s) should be interspersed throughout the body text of the page, in the top headline (H1), and in at least one of the secondary headlines (H2). To find your keyword(s), you can base them on a product, service, or offering that your company has. To find out the best phrasing to use, especially for Google Ads, send us an email to enquire about keyword research. 

Keeping Your Audience In Mind With The Website Content

Website Content - Website Copy ImageKnowing your audience and who you are marketing to is essential to building a strategy and an effective landing page. Does your audience prefer straight facts or fun, informative videos? In some cases, you might need to break your audience down by product or service. Those looking for a school laptop are a very different audience than those looking to purchase a large gaming desktop. Think about the audience that needs and uses your products/services, as well as their age bracket. Do they lean towards one gender or the other? What are their interests? Where do they go for their information? What is their communication style? Now write and arrange your landing page in a way that best suits your audience. Ensure that what you are offering is relevant to what your audience is looking for. 

All About The Call To Action (CTA)/Lead Form

Call to Action CTAWhether you are looking for customers to purchase a product, fill out a contact form, or download a document, you need a call to action. A call to action (CTA) can be in the form of a button, a picture, or a bolded phrase. Keep the wording on the CTA as short as possible and make it stand out with colour (preferably brand colours). Your CTA should be “before the fold” on your landing page. This means that it needs to be completely visible to the viewer before they scroll down. Having a second CTA (can offer the same thing but in a different format – ie. rectangle instead of circle; different phrasing; etc.) at the bottom of the page can also be a friendly reminder to get the viewer to convert.

Content Is King

Compelling Content - Content MarketingLanding pages should be a minimum of 500 words, any less and it will hurt your website SEO and the page will be flagged for “thin content.” Your content should discuss your product/service, why people should buy it, how it is helpful, how it is different from what other businesses offer, and why it is valuable. Write a narrative. If it’s a real estate company, describe how the house’s hardwood floors have been re-enforced to protect against dogs running or kids playing chase in the house with their muddy shoes on. If you can make your customer see themselves using your product/service, that’s half the battle won! Remember when writing: Be clear. Be concise. Be compelling.

Design Compelling Images

Graphic DesignNo one wants to look at a blank page of text. Including images in your landing page will break up blocks of content in a colourful, vibrant manner. However, it is important that the imagery you choose is relevant to your offer/business. Graphs, Charts, bubble maps, or pictures of people can be great ways to share information in a more visually appealing way. For an easy, visually appealing image, check out Canva for a simple design solution. Show off your product and how customers use it effectively in between text explaining why your customers need to buy it. 

How To Apply Your Relevant Landing Page To Google Ads

To optimise your business’ Google Ads using your updated relevant landing pages, send Adhere Digital an email or click the “Contact Us” button at the bottom of the page. Adhere Digital has a proven track record of running profitable Google and Bing Ads campaigns with an average client Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) ranging from 5-15, depending on the industry. To learn more about PPC for small businesses and its benefits, check out our detailed blog: PPC For Small Businesses – Start Small, Start Testing, Start Scaling! 

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