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3 Tips To Boost Domain Ranking

What is Domain Ranking?

Domain Ranking (DR) is Google’s way of determining the reputation of a website. If a website is brand new, has unclear content on its pages, or no other website has a link to it (ex: a newspaper mentioning a company and linking to the website); then Google will say that the site has a very poor reputation or Domain Ranking. 

While Domain Ranking is a number assigned out of 100, a good score is between 40-80. Google’s site doesn’t even have a Domain Ranking of 100. 

You can find out what your business’ Domain Ranking is for free at: Moz will also tell you what keywords you rank for, your top search competitors, and more. 

Tip 1: Quality Backlinks

Having quality backlinks, or links to your business’ site listed on websites with a high Domain Ranking, is one of the biggest factors Google takes into consideration. If you’re looking to gain more quality backlinks, having your business featured in an online news article (of a newspaper or online industry directory with a good DR) is one great way to help your own Domain Ranking. 

Tip 2: Improve Website Speed

When a website’s page speed is slow, it’s not just Google penalising the website, potential customers are too. According to Google, 53% of potential customers will bounce back to the search page and choose another search result if they have to wait 3 seconds or more for the website to load. A developer is the best person to go to if your website is having page speed issues. However, some easy steps you can take include: upgrading your content management platform (most sites are WordPress, Woo-Commerce, or Shopify), deleting unnecessary plugins, removing videos from your website and replacing them with Youtube links (look into embedded youtube links for this part), and use smaller image files. 

A great website to test your page speed is: 

Tip 3: Improve Internal Linking

Internal linking is a great way to help improve your Domain Ranking. Internal links are links on your website linking to other pages on your site. For example; A supplement company has a page explaining the ingredients they use and how they benefit one’s health. This would be a great place to do an internal link by placing a link to the product page. This encourages purchases and helps the website’s ranking. 

Don’t Forget - Timing Is Everything

For newer websites especially, patience and time are the most important things to remember. The longer a website exists, the better the reputation is with Google. Looking to learn more about how Adhere Digital can help grow your business? Click the “Contact Us” button below!

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