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5 Paid Search Tips Every PPC Beginner Needs To Know

1.”Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.”

If you are inheriting an account that has been previously worked on, to begin creating successful campaigns, one must first look back. The change history and previous campaigns hold a wealth of knowledge between strong campaigns, best performing keywords, and bid adjustments. Build on the understanding of what has worked well, and if nothing has worked well before, build on that. Find loopholes and new avenues which have not been explored. 

2. Making the most of negative keywords & negative keyword lists.

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Not only should you understand what your ads should show for, but you also need to be mindful of what your ads should not show for. A strong negative keyword list can be one of the essential tools to control how and when your ads are displayed on the search engine results page. 

Before uploading any campaign, you can also upload a general list of bulk negatives, depending on the industry. While you are optimising your campaign daily, use a combination of the “search terms” feature in Google Ads and Google Analytics search queries from all paid searches to fine-tune your negative lists. 

Lastly, phrase match is a happy medium when adding negatives.

3. Location, Location, Location. 

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After attending the Google 2022 search summit, Google showed us the rapid increase of “near me” searches off the back of the global pandemic. In Google Ads, you can choose to show your ads in specific countries, cities and éir codes. Location-based targeting means targeting potential customers at a more granular and personal level with tailored ads to their desired region. Location targeting heralds many benefits, but mainly, it ensures spending your client’s money most cost-effectively. You can use your budget wisely on the users that you want. It stops the budget from being spent by outside users that you don’t want.  

4. Keep your friends close, and your enemies… 

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No matter what realm of marketing you delve into, having a close eye on your competitors is crucial, and PPC is no different. Research how their ads appear, what landing pages they are using, what ad copy they are using, what position they are in on the SERP and most importantly, how can you make your clients’ ads unique from theirs or showcase a unique selling point in a thought-provoking way.

Nowadays, competitor research has never been more accessible with Ahrefs, SEM rush, Facebook Ads library, which can help you perform competitor analysis.  

5. Be ready for what’s next.

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Finally, always look ahead in the performance marketing industry. Just because something worked well last year does not mean it will work like that again this year. Do you remember the age-old saying, “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”? No other expression summarises the recent approach advertisers should have to Google Ads like the above. Google Ads and its G-Suite counterparts are ever-changing, and it continues to keep advertisers on their toes. 

This year alone in PPC, businesses will be saying goodbye to Expanded Text Ads (June 2022) and Smart Shopping campaigns. Instead, Google will introduce performance max campaigns across our client database. Local campaigns will automatically be transitioned between August and September 2022.

It’s more important than ever to keep an eye on PPC trends that will influence and change how businesses create campaigns and advertise for their clients. PPC strategies are constantly evolving and staying informed on the constant changes gives you and your clients peace of mind. It also ensures you and your agency can remain competitive. We look forward to the announcements for 2023.

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